Digital Card Cloud Service


Why Digital Cards?

Is your Loyalty Card stuck in the past?

  • Inefficient to manage and maintain.
  • Cannot easily be tied to other marketing efforts.
  • Provide low brand value and customer retention.
  • Cumbersome and unwieldy for your customers.

Digital Cards connect you with your customers in a personalized way:

  • Replace paper punch card relics with an intelligent marketing tool.
  • Engage customers on their everyday devices and keep them choosing you.
  • Push marketing offers to increase purchase frequency.
  • Enable social sharing to amplify your brand.

Digital Cards may be used in various types of business transactions:

  • Loyalty cards carrying stamps, points, or currency.
  • Coupons and discounts.
  • Event tickets.
  • Airline tickets and boarding passes.
  • Library cards.


Digital Card Cloud Service Features:

Our feature-rich Digital Card Cloud Service allows you flexibility and personalization:

  • Available on both iPhone and Android platforms.
  • Location and time-aware to enable relevant, personalized marketing offers.
  • Ability to push bulk, real-time marketing messages to customer phones (based on customer opt-in).
  • Notifications displayed on lock screen for maximum visibility, for example:
    Store Card pops up automatically when a consumer is 100m or closer to a store.
    Boarding Pass automatically displays when a customer’s flight begins boarding.
  • Access to rich customer and redemption data for further marketing analysis, for example:
    How many digital loyalty stamps were redeemed at a particular franchisee store on a particular day or over a period of time?
    Secured access for team members to point of sale interface and marketing database using authorized login/password only.
  • Provisioning Digital Cards to your customers is easy and over-the-air:
    Anonymous signup: Access a URL from mobile device.
    Email registration: Register email address to have Digital Card emailed to them.
    Full registration: Registering name and address in addition to email address to have Digital Card emailed to them (this channel allows maximum customization).